Nial Toner - The 18 Yard Box

My name is Nial Toner and I am a digital marketer from Northern Ireland (that’s me kicking the ball above).  I am also a massive Liverpool fan and a fan of football in general.  I try not to let my love of Liverpool cloud my views on football but there are occasions when this can sometimes really be tested :-)

After years of reading the views and opinions of many so called footballing experts I thought the time had come to start giving my thoughts on the latest footballing stories.  And so The 18 Yard Box was born – the name is all down to my fiancée who I have managed to turned into a footballing fan!

What can you expect from The 18 Yard Box?

You can expect a lot of chat on Liverpool Football Club as I will share my views and opinions on many of the latest stories involving the club.  I will also be regularly discussing all the latest news, gossip and results from the English Premier League, as well as some of Europe’s top leagues and competitions including La Liga, Serie A and The Champions League.

Join the team at The 18 Yard Box

If you are a fan of football and would like to share your thoughts on the world of European football, why not join the editorial team here at The 18 Yard Box.  We are always on the lookout for talented writers and knowledgeable football fans.  Visit our contribute page for more information on how you can start writing for The 18 Yard Box Football Blog.